It’s The Little Things ❤️

It’s the little things that kids do and say that mean the most.
It’s those little moments that make your heart melt and make you burst with pride.

This evening, Caelan, my 4th born son, came over to me after he had been sat drawing on his magnetic drawing board.

He showed me the picture that he had been sat concentrating on.

He said ‘Mummy, this is a picture of you’ pointing to the person. ‘This is a heart, because I love you’ ‘Look I wrote your name, it says Mum!’ He looked so proud of himself. He had spelt Mum all on his own. Caelan starts school in September. Considering he doesn’t know all of his letters just yet, I find this pretty AMAZING! He tried and had that can do attitude that I try to encourage my boys to have. Giving them the confidence and self belief in themselves to give things a go even when they don’t think they can do it.

Caelan knew he had done something good and knew he could share that moment with me. He know that this would make me so happy and proud.

It’s little moments like these when your child is growing and developing that makes you realise how amazing kids are. How they all learn differently and how they all achieve at different rates.

Celebrate and embrace every milestone no matter how big or small.

Claire xx

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