Mummy Mysteries #1

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I know I’m not the only Mummy that has experienced this! I find it’s a recurring   favourite behaviour/activity amongst children aged 6moths and 3 years.

I’m sat here with my youngest son Cohen. Yes, he should be sound asleep in bed, but no, he fell asleep earlier and he is now WIDE awake. But I don’t mind, I cherish every moment I can get

He’s currently sat next to me with some of his Fisher Price Little People vehicles. He’s chatting away to me, telling me how I am his best friend and repeating ‘over the castle’ (Castle on the hill). Over and over again. He does make me smile.

I hear a rustle, I look up and there he is taking wipes out the packet. One by one, placing them neatly one on top of the other. He’s content and it is maintsining his concentration.

But still, after being a mummy of 5, I really don’t understand and still can’t work out why kids enjoy pulling wipes from the packet?!

Time and time again I have left a packet of baby wipes unattended, turned my back for two seconds and ‘POOF’ as if by magic the surrounding area and at times the culprit is covered in baby wipes!

I am intrigued WHY children do this?

If anyone has any theories or conclusions please get in touch.

Claire xx

2 thoughts on “Mummy Mysteries #1

  1. Family Makes says:

    It’s funny, isn’t it? Maybe it’s because they like to mimic our behaviour? My son used to wipe all the surfaces in the house with his baby wipes. He obviously got that from his childminder, not from me! He doesn’t see me cleaning up nearly enough!!


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