Why do I want to blog? 

What is my blogging dream? I am passionate about helping others, to inspire and empower. I am a very positive, diverse and motivated person and want to pass my attitude onto others and show them that life as a Mummy truly isn’t that bad. That we all have our bad days but there are ways and means to make it better. Even when we are at our lowest point and can’t see ourselves overcoming our current issues, situations and problems that are causing you to feel so low. To learn how to become resilient and strong to over come the situation again should it arises again. To believe in ourselves and take full control and responsibility of our lives. It will not happen overnight but with tiny changes and the effort to work on our life it can be done.

Life is what we make of it! 

I’ve had lots of ups and downs in my life, people have even commented that I am cursed or that bad luck follows me. Ive battled and overcome depression, eating disorders, low self esteem and confidence, bullying, being a single parent twice over, domestic vilolence in previous relationships (yes more than once) poverty, post natal depression, loss of my mum and more. But like I said I’m a positive person, so let’s not put a dampener on things. The positives definitely out way the negatives.

As a Mummy of 5 boys and being a childminder I think I’ve experienced many common issues a Mummy can experience. I’ve gained quite a lot of life experience in my 32 years. Some of the things no one should have to experience.

I’d love to share my life experiences, battles, gratitude, goals and inspirations, also the fact I’m still here today telling my story. Because if I hadn’t taken control of my life I can honestly say I don’t think I would be here.

I want to give people an insight to family life of my family of 7 and that there is no such thing ‘normal’. That you are who you are and that you should embrace that! We are all different and unique and as parents we do things differently to each other, that our number one priority is the well being of our families. We all need to respect that.

My blog is important to me as I love the idea of knowing that anyone could be reading my blog and it could brighten their day, inspire them, make them smile. That they take something away from it and make their lives a little happier and easier

I truly hope this is the case

Claire xx

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